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Developing CBS

A video of the future CBS of the GB Production.

29/04/11 – Only 2 days of development.

GBP Engine

GBP Engine

Last Date Updated: 22/04/2011

By : GB Production

Main scripts :

GBP EIE – Equip Improve Engine – v1.1

GBP EIE – Equip Improve Engine – v1.0

Information :

GBP EIE – Official script presentation

After Equipement Improvement Engine…

I have some ideas of scripting project after the EIE (Equip Impr Engine).

1) I want to made a adaptation of FF8 Junction (my favorite system of all) fully compatible with YEM as usual.

2) A good challenge for me will be to create a battle system, but I can’t do that because I am going to fully copying BEM, so maybe some people has an idea of a mode 5 for BEM (after DTB, PTB, ATB and CTB).

I think ATB need a good update but it’s difficult if I can’t edit directly BEM V…

3) Maybe a quick update for the most popular script of the blog : Disgaea skill level system.

Suggestion, idea and request are open !

Rough Perso01

Kaduki pixel art test

GBP Equipment Improvement Engine – Paper Version

You can participate to the paper version of our new scripting project by posting suggestions on this topic.


The idea is to create the best upgrade scene for equipements by reproducing some systems we have seen in famous rpg or a systems 100% never seen.

If you want to have an equipement features/systems you have seen in a famous game or of your own idea post it!

Worklist of the gbp

Module separation (separate each weapon of the same ID) for drop, event and shop items.

Access to the scene : By a script call like all scene, and a key for YEM Equipement overhaul.

Exp system : Equipement will have a exp curve like actors. Exp curve will be determinated with a tag for the exp basis and a tag for the exp inflation. At each level, equipement have the possibility to gain a new capacity (stats, skill active/passif, trait, equip point, etc…)

Elemental/State Attack/Defense reworked : The engine will include the element/state system you can find in our script DarkCLoud element or Disgaea Item World (FF8 Style)

Make a hole : You have the possibility to make holes in equipements that allow you to insert stones/runes… that can increases the capacities of the equip.

Rune word : It’s the rune word system of Diablo 2. Insert some runes in the good order in a equipement to upgrade the equipement.

Equip point : Equipement gain those bonus points each time it reaches a new level, those point can be spended of many and many different ways (Increases stats, gain a new capacity, make a hole in the equip….)

Monster Stone : This stone can be slot in an equip (this equip must have a free hole) , when you kill the enemy corresponding to the stone, the stone gain power and can gain new capacities when an certain amount of monster soul is accumulated in the stone.

Capacities : Equipement can gain new capacities during level ups (New skill, passive, trait, auto-states…). There are others ways of gaining new capacities.

Equip Color : With a simple tag, you can choose the quality and the color of equipements in menus

Equip synth : 2 Different ways of synth the item :

1)Synth uniq : Equip can be upgraded to a new one when the it reach a required level.

2)Synth junction : The equip require some ingredients to be upgraded. There is a mini-game for this synth way, because ingredient appear « ??? » by default, but with a script call, you can discover which ingredients are needed (This system give importance to a library in a game for example)

Equip Malus system : It’s the last system of this script. You can notice there are many ways of upgrading equipements, the malus bring a possibility of failing an equip improve action and break the equip or lose stats/capacities. This system bring stress and excitation to the player and after the craft… jpy or pain.

Worklist of members

– Children of mana grid systems(Currently, replaces the diablo II runes system)

Screen of children of mana

Each equip has a grid (4×4, 8×8 …). You have a list of stones, gems… of different shape that you can slot inside the grid.

I don’t know yet if I’ll use pictures for the grid background and stones or only icons.

This system will be the last that I made for this script because it’s the harder and I hope I can do that 🙂

Melody break

I’ll stop to update Melody for a moment, because I have a new idea to realised and I have no many time to script.

You can always post request/suggestions, I can make them later.

My new project is a new scene for weapons and armors, I want to take my time with this script and bring many new functions for the game makers.

YEM BEM New Functions

YEM BEM New Functions v2.4

Last Date Updated: 25/04/2011

By : GB Production

Main scripts :

YEM BEM New Functions v2.4 (Beta test)

YEM BEM New Functions v2.3

YEM BEM ATB mode rewrited v1.0 (Beta test)

YEM BEM Overdrive v4.1 Final

YEM BEM Bonus Bar ADD-ON v1.2

YEM BEM Row Changer ADD-ON v1.0

Other scripts and patch :

YEM BEM Subskills ADD-ON v1.0

YEM BEM Spin Command ADD-ON v1.0 (Don’t forget the image in Information section below)

Patch YEM BEM – KGC Large Party v1.3

Patch YEM BEM – KGC Steal v1.0

Patch YERD to YEM Enemy Scan  Query v1.0

Patch YEZ to YEM Weapon Mastery Skills v1.1

Patch BEM Actor Random Targetting (By IceDragon)

Information :

YEM BEM New functions – Official script presentation

YEM Overdrive – Official script presentation

Patch KGC LargeParty – Official script presentation

YEM BEM row changer – Official script presentation

The spin image for Spin command addon to import in system folder of you project.

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