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FF8 Limit Break

FF8 Limit Break v1.0

Last Date Updated: 06/09/2011

By : GB Production

Demo :

This script only work with BAttle Engine Melody !

FF8 Limit Break v1.0

Information :

Official script presentation

GBP Skills Rings

Skills Rings v1.0

Last Date Updated: 03/09/2011

By : GB Production

Demo :

GBP Skills Rings v1.0

Information :

Read the FAQ in official script presentation topic to understand how to configure skill slots chains

Official script presentation

La prophecie de Darlam


Last Date Updated: 01/09/2011

By : GB Production

Keyboard config scene

Valkyrie profile equip scene

Valkyrie profile skill scene


LPDD is an abandonned project of the GBP. You can find some scripts in the demo.


GBP Last project

GBP Engine

GBP Engine

Last Date Updated: 22/04/2011

By : GB Production

Main scripts :

GBP EIE – Equip Improve Engine – v1.1

GBP EIE – Equip Improve Engine – v1.0

Information :

GBP EIE – Official script presentation

YEM BEM New Functions

YEM BEM New Functions v2.4

Last Date Updated: 25/04/2011

By : GB Production

Main scripts :

YEM BEM New Functions v2.4 (Beta test)

YEM BEM New Functions v2.3

YEM BEM ATB mode rewrited v1.0 (Beta test)

YEM BEM Overdrive v4.1 Final

YEM BEM Bonus Bar ADD-ON v1.2

YEM BEM Row Changer ADD-ON v1.0

Other scripts and patch :

YEM BEM Subskills ADD-ON v1.0

YEM BEM Spin Command ADD-ON v1.0 (Don’t forget the image in Information section below)

Patch YEM BEM – KGC Large Party v1.3

Patch YEM BEM – KGC Steal v1.0

Patch YERD to YEM Enemy Scan  Query v1.0

Patch YEZ to YEM Weapon Mastery Skills v1.1

Patch BEM Actor Random Targetting (By IceDragon)

Information :

YEM BEM New functions – Official script presentation

YEM Overdrive – Official script presentation

Patch KGC LargeParty – Official script presentation

YEM BEM row changer – Official script presentation

The spin image for Spin command addon to import in system folder of you project.

Patch YEM Subclassia

Patch YEM Subclassia v1.3

Last Date Updated: 09/01/2010

By : GB Production

Demo :

Patch YEM Subclassia v1.3


Information :

Official script presentation

PHOTOSHOP Script – Auto Animation layout

This script isn’t a RGSS script, it work with Photoshop and help you to assemble each frame of an animation you have created with an animation creator software (like particule illusion).

Auto animation layout script

— —

This video isn’t from GB Production but explain you how the script work.


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