La prophecie de Darlam


Last Date Updated: 01/09/2011

By : GB Production

Keyboard config scene

Valkyrie profile equip scene

Valkyrie profile skill scene


LPDD is an abandonned project of the GBP. You can find some scripts in the demo.


GBP Last project

2 Responses to “La prophecie de Darlam”

  1. 1 pmoli12 août 26, 2011 à 8:22

    Très bien, vraiment ça donne vraiment envie.
    HS : Le menu à la FFTA2, il est de toi ?

  2. 2 Vitor octobre 6, 2011 à 3:15

    Could you help me? I have paste the scripts in my game the equipment window opens all normal but then I try to equip a ring, necklace or any of the new type itens nothing happens.

    I have put the codes in the item history like in the example under.

    I´m using the PHLiM2’s Menu MODs and the Tankentai Sideview Battle System scripts on my project, maybe an incompatibility?

    Sorry for the bad English.

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