Developing CBS

A video of the future CBS of the GB Production.

29/04/11 – Only 2 days of development.

7 Responses to “Developing CBS”

  1. 1 wsensor avril 30, 2011 à 1:57

    Card Battle!

  2. 2 xeinzero mai 1, 2011 à 11:26

    looks like kingdom hearts’s card system

  3. 3 Naridar mai 13, 2011 à 2:22

    Whoa, looking good. What exactly are the mechanics for the system? So you have to choose your action from a selection of cards? And what’s the gauge on the right good for?

    I’ve thought of using this as a battle system for a Harry Potter RPG (there aren’t any out there AFAIK), as you select the spell you’ll cast from a small list (as in, you have to make do with whatever spells you get at the beginning of the turn), but is there a way to manipulate the rarity of cards? As in, you get a weaker card more often than a stronger one?

    Generally awesome, looking forward to it.

  4. 4 Lionheart mai 26, 2011 à 10:41

    When you will release this! really great 🙂

  5. 5 TwilightYagami mai 30, 2011 à 3:36

    Baiten Kaitos?

  6. 6 Emmych août 15, 2011 à 2:18

    Ooooh, this is great! Ah-hahaha, I have a friend playing Baten Kaitos right now – I’m sure she’ll find this super interesting. x3

    TRES BON~!

  7. 7 Virulent août 17, 2011 à 2:31

    Baiten Kaitos was one of my fave games back in the day~ ^_^
    I really hope to see this CBS to be completed!

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