GBP Engine

GBP Engine

Last Date Updated: 22/04/2011

By : GB Production

Main scripts :

GBP EIE – Equip Improve Engine – v1.1

GBP EIE – Equip Improve Engine – v1.0

Information :

GBP EIE – Official script presentation

25 Responses to “GBP Engine”

  1. 1 Naridar avril 18, 2011 à 6:47

    Okay, this is awesome on the next level. Definitely going to check it out once it’s finished. Keep up the epicness!

  2. 2 GB Production avril 18, 2011 à 7:46

    Alpha version is now available 🙂
    Script is no commented at the moment. Have fun

  3. 3 avto avril 19, 2011 à 11:21

    Thanks, its usefully for me.

  4. 4 wsensor avril 19, 2011 à 3:50

    I love it so far already.
    For the gem script did you make it so you are able to rotate the gems or not?

  5. 5 GB Production avril 19, 2011 à 4:20

    No you can’t rotate the gems.

  6. 7 Naridar avril 23, 2011 à 10:18

    Whoa, supreme. May I post this script on RPG Revolution forums, provided I credit you for it?

  7. 9 renegat92 avril 24, 2011 à 6:58

    WTF is going on with pocket wiki? OMG i’m gonna kill my self

  8. 10 wsensor avril 24, 2011 à 8:25

    Pocketwiki has died for a bit probly the domain was not paid for yet so its dead.

    Yanfly was still away with RL issues last post on the blog which was over 2 or 3 months ago.

    You can still get the latest melody script at but not any of the other scripts. I have some of them on a zip drive I downloaded about half of the other scripts but I have to find it lol.

  9. 12 Qu-ko avril 28, 2011 à 10:45

    I get this error when I confirm putting a stone into a weapon grid:

    « Script ‘GBP Engine – Core’ line 880: TypeError occurred.
    nil can’t be coerced into Fixnum »

    And then I get the same crash with the same error when I get to the battle victory screen after the level up pages.

    • 13 GB Production avril 29, 2011 à 8:36

      Does this happen in the original demo ?

      • 14 Qu-ko avril 29, 2011 à 7:24

        Nope, the demo works fine. Just in my project. I think it might be some kind of conflict, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin to find out where. It seems to have something to do with the stat bonuses, judging by the line that seems to be causing the error.

  10. 15 Wifflefish avril 29, 2011 à 9:44

    This is awesome, thanks for making such a great script! 😀

    I’m getting the error

    « Script ‘GBP Engine – Core’ line 1814: TypeError occurred
    nil can’t be coerced into Fixnum »

    when I change the elements shown in the script.

    All the icons for HP, MP, ATK etc disappeared in the status menu when I installed the script too :S

  11. 16 Leaferson Kenraise juin 9, 2011 à 10:20

    This is amazing and just what I needed! May I request? I love everything you have here but can you make it simpler? Like, only have the part where you can increase the stat’s of the weapon\armor? Like, I only want this part in the system, can you help me out? (=

  12. 17 thechancellor juin 26, 2011 à 2:11

    Tried the 1.1 update. I get this error when opening the status menu in your demo. I didn’t change anything.

    Line 1810: NoMethodError

    undefined method `apply_state_rank’ for #

  13. 19 thechancellor juin 28, 2011 à 8:09

    Do you plan on including an update that allows you to set skills and states to gem stones?

  14. 20 engio juillet 3, 2011 à 8:39

    This is a wonderful script, and I’d very much like to use it. Were you inspired Dark Cloud or its sequel? Also, is there any way to remove the gem system?

  15. 21 GB Production juillet 5, 2011 à 10:04

    Yay, go in COMMANDS array in module configuration (~line 600), you can add/remove/change order of the options of the script.

  16. 22 xeinzero juillet 6, 2011 à 12:45

    Problem I encountered in demo:

    Tried to change the battle type to press turn battle (PTB) in the script but still the battle is in ATB.

  17. 23 TwilightYagami juillet 18, 2011 à 6:45

    I know it’s an older patch, but with your KGC Large Party patch, my character is invisible on the field but viewable in battle. How do I fix this error? Thanks!

  18. 24 Madcat août 29, 2011 à 3:14

    I encountered a bug using your script. The fusion and Break down Portions can not use the grid stones.
    Gives a nilclass error, or the fusion/break down greys out the grid stone that I want to use (like I don’t have it in my inventory)
    The problem seems to be cause by the grid stone being in the inventory one at a time instead of the normal 1-99 stack.
    I know your busy, but is it possible you can release a fix for this issue?

  19. 25 Flameseeker mars 20, 2012 à 9:17

    The script is very cool,but i have a error when I set a gem in the grid:

    GBP Engine-Core line 900 NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method `+’ for nil: NilClass

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