After Equipement Improvement Engine…

I have some ideas of scripting project after the EIE (Equip Impr Engine).

1) I want to made a adaptation of FF8 Junction (my favorite system of all) fully compatible with YEM as usual.

2) A good challenge for me will be to create a battle system, but I can’t do that because I am going to fully copying BEM, so maybe some people has an idea of a mode 5 for BEM (after DTB, PTB, ATB and CTB).

I think ATB need a good update but it’s difficult if I can’t edit directly BEM V…

3) Maybe a quick update for the most popular script of the blog : Disgaea skill level system.

Suggestion, idea and request are open !

12 Responses to “After Equipement Improvement Engine…”

  1. 1 Zakkie février 7, 2011 à 12:19

    1) Sounds really cool

    2) You could try to make a Skies of Arcadia Battle System out of the DTB. I think this should be the easiest. As far as I can tell you just need a shared bar for the skills and of course the bar must refill itself based on the groups level.

    The Earthbound Battle System with rolling numbers. As long as the player is alive you can do any actions.

  2. 2 Naridar février 7, 2011 à 3:52

    Well, something I’d like to see and use for my game:

    Multiple skillsets:

    An extension for the skill equipment system, it allows you to define multiple sets of skills, each with a seperate MP pool. The player can change skillsets in battle, using a turn. Of course, skill equip effects (like a bonus to MP when equipping a skill) should change actively when switching skillsets.

    I hope it’s not too much of a problem 🙂

    Also, for (2):

    Each character has an AP value, one that’s used for actions and charges constantly. Similar to ATB, but allows the player to charge for longer times and unleash multiple skills/actions at once.

    • 3 wsensor (Beware wall of text!) février 8, 2011 à 7:03

      Ooh. I like the AP(ATB TYPE SYSTEM) Idea.

      Naridar you mean something like the following.

      Tell hero to do the following:

      Slash :costs 15ap:
      BackSlash :costs 20ap:

      Execute skills: 35ap till execution.

      Features that would be desirable in this system would be combo bonuses.
      Slash deals 100 damage: Backslash deals 80 damage.
      Since backslash is used right after Slash it gains 10-20% more attack power as long as it is not blocked.

      So damage pop of 100 would pop up over enemy.
      Followed by 80 damage pop.
      Followed by 10-20% of 80 damage pop. (IE: 8-16 more damage.)

      Would be nice if it could be set to do combinations.

      Slash + Backslash = X-Slash (would pop up above the enemy or character) that would deal 10-20% of 25%-75% the combined damage of slash+backslash.

      Slash 100 + Backslash 80 = X-Slash 180/4 = +45 damage or it could do some side effect even harming or healing the player.

  3. 4 wsensor (Beware wall of text!) février 8, 2011 à 6:54

    A junction system would be cool.

    Favorite part of FF8.

    Draw skill: Skill.
    Junction skill to stat: Example Holy to Health.

    I loved this system.

    Could you add in a sub feature to it though?
    Example: Most people would junction skills but could you add in the ability to junction special items also? Example: Junction « Heroic Faith » to Attack. Where junctioning this could increase critical damage/critical rate on boss monsters while lowering max hp and or defense.

    You could always make a FF7 materia styled script from FF7 lol.

    • 5 wsensor (Beware wall of text!) février 8, 2011 à 7:10

      Oh yea. This would also mean you would have to set up a SPELL STOCK system / ITEM STOCK system.

      For each spell type a maximum of each spell stacked per character or altogether.

      Fire: MSPC(max spells stock per chacacter):50
      This would make it so Hero A could only hold 50 charges of a fire spell. Now you could split that spell stock in half 25 and 25 so that you could junction 25 fire to ATTACK and 25 fire to Defense thus giving you 25% attack as fire element and 25% defense(or something like that) as defense against fire spells or ice spells.

      I always loved FF8’s junction system I don’t understand why they scrapped it so much T_T.

  4. 6 wsensor (Beware wall of text!) février 8, 2011 à 7:23

    Last Idea I am posting since I type way to much.

    Spell Card / Action Card system.

    Action Card: Examples: Attack, Defense, Dual Attack, Triple Attack, Meditate (recover some mp?).

    Spell Card: Fire, Ice, Lightning. (Basically skills.)

    The spell card system would ideally be used by a unique character.
    The character whether it is a hero and or enemy would have a deck of cards. (Perhaps an accessory with a list of specific cards for enemies/players so you could just give them a note-tag holding a card-pack/set that the enemy/player would draw from.)

    Card-Pack/set: Item with a list of skills / actions that would be drawn for an enemy/player to use?
    Player/Enemy would draw 5 cards at the start of the battle and its abilities/skills would be dependent on those cards and would draw 1 card every turn to add to its abilities or 2+ if they rest (basically defend but it gives no defensive bonus) for a turn.

    Say you had the following skill cards: Fire Fire Ice Lightning Heal.
    Now your skills are limited to casting Fire (possibly casting it 2 times if you choose to use them both or possibly combining them into Fire 2 spell and casting them.), Ice, Lightning, or heal yourself or a team mate.

    If a player uses all their spell cards they are forced to rest to pull more or use a standard action card.

    Player can hold 5 action cards maxed at once if they have 5 they can not get a 6th action card.
    If a player has 3 attack action cards they can attack 3 times on that turn or possibly combo them into dual attack or triple slash attack.

    Player can hold a max of 5-6+ spell cards at one time. (Possibly depending on an accessory/armor piece. IE: Card-Holder(5) would allow you to draw 5 spell cards maxed while a Card-Holder(8) would allow you to hold 8 spell cards.

    Spell/Skill cards should be allowed to combo into bigger/better spells/skills.

    If you use all your cards you would have to rest to get some more.

  5. 7 crevel février 8, 2011 à 11:54

    Too many cooks spoil the broth.

  6. 8 renegat92 février 20, 2011 à 7:29

    Why not integrating subskill system in yem bem new functions before thinking about other big scripts? I think it would be a great advance in yem bem series.

    • 9 wsensor (Beware wall of text!) mars 16, 2011 à 4:25

      I love subskills XD.
      Would you be able to add a sublist that goes to a sub skills menu?

      IE: SubList: Tools (Tools is a menu-command that opens a 2nd list containing subskill lists.

      I would love to see something like that. (Or on equipment options a subskill would appear.)

      Example: You equip Thieves Book (Accessory but could be any armor / weapon piece) (It goes either into a new subskill list below/above magic or into a TOOLS sublist marked the subskill command would be marked Thievery.)
      Thievery would contain skills from the Thieves book.

      Other features: Optional skills / or chances for skills to show up?
      Magic Sword (Wild Card): 10% chance on your turn that your attack skill is a magic attack (from list). When hp 50% (or a set ammount of mp.) gives menu options Mana Slash (either below attack or replaces attack command with this.)

  7. 10 Mark février 25, 2011 à 4:22

    You should update the skill level system so the AoE effects of skills can grow/shrink depending on which level the skill is at 🙂

  8. 11 StephenYap3 mai 5, 2011 à 7:04

    I do like this script and all, but I was thinking: Could you make KGC_EquipLearnSkill script compatible for Battle Engine Melody? Plus, is it also possible to do this:

    I want a weapon to have a Skill that cannot be learnt yet and can only be used by the person who is equipped to it. To learn it, the user must collect enough « Points » after each battle to master it, but when the member is unequipped to that weapon, the weapon’s skill cannot be used until the member equips it again. The member still has the remaining points left to learn that weapon’s skill and will always remember the skill for that weapon, unless if forgotten through an Event.

    So, is it possible. If you could do this and convert KGC_EquipLearnSkill for/into BEM, I will guaranteed give you credit for your work.

  9. 12 Naridar août 9, 2011 à 2:58

    Also, a Shin Megami Tensei engine (demon summoning, fusion, probably demon sources ala Strange Journey) would be something new and interesting. It shouldn’t be that hard to program, either.

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