GBP Equipment Improvement Engine – Paper Version

You can participate to the paper version of our new scripting project by posting suggestions on this topic.


The idea is to create the best upgrade scene for equipements by reproducing some systems we have seen in famous rpg or a systems 100% never seen.

If you want to have an equipement features/systems you have seen in a famous game or of your own idea post it!

Worklist of the gbp

Module separation (separate each weapon of the same ID) for drop, event and shop items.

Access to the scene : By a script call like all scene, and a key for YEM Equipement overhaul.

Exp system : Equipement will have a exp curve like actors. Exp curve will be determinated with a tag for the exp basis and a tag for the exp inflation. At each level, equipement have the possibility to gain a new capacity (stats, skill active/passif, trait, equip point, etc…)

Elemental/State Attack/Defense reworked : The engine will include the element/state system you can find in our script DarkCLoud element or Disgaea Item World (FF8 Style)

Make a hole : You have the possibility to make holes in equipements that allow you to insert stones/runes… that can increases the capacities of the equip.

Rune word : It’s the rune word system of Diablo 2. Insert some runes in the good order in a equipement to upgrade the equipement.

Equip point : Equipement gain those bonus points each time it reaches a new level, those point can be spended of many and many different ways (Increases stats, gain a new capacity, make a hole in the equip….)

Monster Stone : This stone can be slot in an equip (this equip must have a free hole) , when you kill the enemy corresponding to the stone, the stone gain power and can gain new capacities when an certain amount of monster soul is accumulated in the stone.

Capacities : Equipement can gain new capacities during level ups (New skill, passive, trait, auto-states…). There are others ways of gaining new capacities.

Equip Color : With a simple tag, you can choose the quality and the color of equipements in menus

Equip synth : 2 Different ways of synth the item :

1)Synth uniq : Equip can be upgraded to a new one when the it reach a required level.

2)Synth junction : The equip require some ingredients to be upgraded. There is a mini-game for this synth way, because ingredient appear « ??? » by default, but with a script call, you can discover which ingredients are needed (This system give importance to a library in a game for example)

Equip Malus system : It’s the last system of this script. You can notice there are many ways of upgrading equipements, the malus bring a possibility of failing an equip improve action and break the equip or lose stats/capacities. This system bring stress and excitation to the player and after the craft… jpy or pain.

Worklist of members

– Children of mana grid systems(Currently, replaces the diablo II runes system)

Screen of children of mana

Each equip has a grid (4×4, 8×8 …). You have a list of stones, gems… of different shape that you can slot inside the grid.

I don’t know yet if I’ll use pictures for the grid background and stones or only icons.

This system will be the last that I made for this script because it’s the harder and I hope I can do that 🙂

4 Responses to “GBP Equipment Improvement Engine – Paper Version”

  1. 1 wsensor (Beware wall of text!) janvier 21, 2011 à 5:08

    Is this going to be a melody specific add-on or a hopefully mostly compatible with other systems type script?

    Your going to need to add tabs and such to avoid the bitmap too large crashing issues (is that what its called? I remember seeing the issue in a lot of bug-fix patches. However the problem still exists.)
    Example: You have 9999 clubs. I think the limit is 8k some lines how about maxing clubs per tab at 100 and then destroy/recreate or whatever the window to avoid the issues? (Obviously no one should EVER GET THAT MANY CLUBS OMG! But their are hoarders out their that keep everything.)

    For the module separation you would probably want to add in an item ID#(3maybe4 digit random number if already exists a new random number would be generated.) and Type fields (just to keep them separated example: would set the item to that type meaning you could have all the possible number combinations for swords while at the same time all the possible number combinations for clubs.).

    Would have to change shops buying around if you were buying weapons more than 1 at a time. (Items sold to shop should have their ids erased completely to free up space?)

    Should also be compatible with item limit (item cap) scripts. There are a few of these scripts where you could put a tag like So if you tell it to have a cap of 30 for a weapon named Long-Sword even if the itemid can go up to 9999 they could only have 30 separate Long-Swords.

    Not all equipment should have an experience set / some should be set to max at specific levels.
    Example: Training Sword can not get upgraded in any form or way.
    Example2: Hunter’s Axe could only go up to level 3?

    Some equipment could change names as they level or get prefixes / suffixes to their names as they are upgraded.
    Example: « Novice Sword » would become « Sword » at level 5 and then « Master Sword » at level 10.
    Example2: You put a frost gem into the sword. Sword is now called Frosty Novice Sword (below level 5) / Frosty Sword (level 5 to 9) / Frosty Master Sword (level 10).

    Add in some sort of ammo system for guns/wands/bows?

    Wand Example: WonderWand has its own mp. Lets say 20 each time you attack with it a random spell (from list) is casted and drains its own mp. When out of mp it will devour a chunk of the wielders mp(maybe even hp) or use an mp(maybe even hp) item as a waste of turn action or as a free action to recharge.

    Gun Example: Pistol (can be loaded to 5 bullets.) Can load different ammo types. ( where ammo types should be regular items. These items could also have different attack powers that add to the guns basic attack power?>

    For ammo also Would decide how much ammo per shot (or skill useage) would be used at a time if you do not have enough ammo the guns basic attack will use what you have while you would not be able to use the skill.

    Ammo Features would need an equip ammo option to choose the ammo you are using (also for in battle changing) and an reload ammo option (also an unload option would be cool. That way you could have a gun findable in a chest that came with special bullets loaded but you might want to save them for later and use cheaper ones early on.)

    More cash back for selling enhanced items?

    Equipment could also be enhanced by allowing them to give more/less attack when being created.

    Note Tags would have to do with + or – a standard number range or + or – a % number range?

  2. 2 wsensor (Beware wall of text!) janvier 24, 2011 à 7:45

    Another idea would be a grid system? (2×2? 4×4? 6×6? Maybe size could be set depending on the weapon and even changed?)

    As the weapons level up more of the grid is opened.
    Basically Items would be created and have a slot size. (Would be best if you add shapes that they could be flipped and such when installing into the grid.)

    An item would set up with skills or states or just stat increases.
    Each of these items would have a shape/size.
    Some might be 1×1 slot others might be 2×2 or even « L » shaped.
    These items could be put into the grid giving the weapon/armor more features/enhancements.
    Its basically more of an advanced diablo 2 rune/gemstone system that I saw in one of the new Tales of games for on the wii.

    Some weapons might come pre-slotted and have a special « GridSlot item (please think of a name lol I stink at it) » that you unlock (and can remove the pre-slotted Item to transfer to another weapon/armor.
    Another feature would be a permanent locked item that can not be removed from weapon/armor but gives the bonuses either regardless of the grid size/shape or only after it is completely uncovered by upgrading the grid to the correct size.

    A good feature of this system would be to have a weapon with a grid of 4×4 that you fill the entire grid in and the weapon gets an bonus feature as long as the grid is filled even if its filled with crappy items.

  3. 3 GB Production février 2, 2011 à 9:45

    Some news about this script.
    The script is around 50-60% done, I take my time to provide something never seen before.
    The script bring 7 or 8 new systems (4 are already done) for items, weapons and armors.
    I always accept request for the rune systems. At the moment, the grid system of wsensor win lol, I have already seen this system in the game « children of mana » and I think it’s more original than a basic diablo II rune system.

    • 4 wsensor (Beware wall of text!) février 7, 2011 à 8:04

      Yea its like the Children of Mana games rune system. I only thought of it at first because I was playing a Tales of … game for the wii.

      Those games are way to addictive. I would still love to see an ammo type feature.

      The grid from the Tales of game you were limited to 1 of each insert/gem and to put them in a different weapon/armor would remove them from the previous weapon/armor but filling the weapon/armor was always a good idea for the Ability Unlock.

      I would still love to see an actual AMMO addon compatible with the battle systems the old ones are not as compatible anymore.

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