YEM BEM New Functions

YEM BEM New Functions v2.4

Last Date Updated: 25/04/2011

By : GB Production

Main scripts :

YEM BEM New Functions v2.4 (Beta test)

YEM BEM New Functions v2.3

YEM BEM ATB mode rewrited v1.0 (Beta test)

YEM BEM Overdrive v4.1 Final

YEM BEM Bonus Bar ADD-ON v1.2

YEM BEM Row Changer ADD-ON v1.0

Other scripts and patch :

YEM BEM Subskills ADD-ON v1.0

YEM BEM Spin Command ADD-ON v1.0 (Don’t forget the image in Information section below)

Patch YEM BEM – KGC Large Party v1.3

Patch YEM BEM – KGC Steal v1.0

Patch YERD to YEM Enemy Scan  Query v1.0

Patch YEZ to YEM Weapon Mastery Skills v1.1

Patch BEM Actor Random Targetting (By IceDragon)

Information :

YEM BEM New functions – Official script presentation

YEM Overdrive – Official script presentation

Patch KGC LargeParty – Official script presentation

YEM BEM row changer – Official script presentation

The spin image for Spin command addon to import in system folder of you project.

53 Responses to “YEM BEM New Functions”

  1. 1 wsensor décembre 25, 2010 à 6:29


  2. 3 GB Production décembre 27, 2010 à 1:31

    YaY! and it’s not finish !!!

    • 4 Rulo juin 14, 2011 à 7:40

      I have a BIG problem whith NEW FUNCTIONS 2.4

      Script: New functions

      line 1733: NoMethodError ocurred.

      undefined methot « [ ] » for nil: NilClass


  3. 5 wsensor (Beware wall of text!) janvier 21, 2011 à 5:11

    Could you make something like Imp1’s MBA (Multiple Basic Attack) script for melody? (Can get the script from this post) or go to his site: IMP1’s Scripts

    What the script does is it sets the ATTACK (option) to be a skill selection menu if and only if the weapon has the tag and the skill has in the notes and the character also has to know the skill.

    Would you be able to make something like this but with extra options?

    An improvement on the scene from IMP1’s script could also have a basic ATTACK (like the real ATTACK menu option just as a selection in the menu at the top of the skill list.)

    Extra Option Example:
    Tune 1 options
    Req-Skill # this would require the player to have the skill for it to show up in the special ATTACK skill scene.
    NoReq-Skill # this would give the skill in the special ATTACK skill scene even if you have not learned it.
    Tune 2 options
    Pass # this just skips this section…
    Item Requirement #requires an item to be in the inventory.
    Item Use #requires an item and uses an item (could set this up to require/use more than 1 item or multiple of 1 item?)
    Tune 3 options
    Level? # for if they have your level script this could use the skill at a set level or defaults to level 1 of the skill?
    Power? # for if you just want to increase or decrease the power of the skill directly?

    Some tune options for mana requirement and such to be modified by it would be cool.

    Whatever other options sound cool.

    The script also has a special tag for skills and this is what tells Imp1’s script to keep this skill in the list and erase the other skills.
    Could probably make a Tune Tag for the skill itself for if you want it to have special effects for when used as a basic weapon attack or something.

  4. 8 Naridar janvier 24, 2011 à 4:57

    Big problem here, installed overdrive system 4.0 to a game with the following scripts installed:

    – Yanfly Engine Melody
    – KGC_LargeParty and compatibility fix
    – YERD_Bestiary and compatibility fix
    – Dark Cloud Weapons and Add-on
    – Dark Cloud armors
    – New trait for equip
    – YEM BEM new functions
    – Bonus Bar
    – FFTA2 synth shop
    – Autoshadow kill by modern algebra

    It gives an error when opening the skills menu:
    Script « Overdrive » line 1642 TypeError occured.
    No implicit conversion from nil to integer.

    Does anyone have an idea for what causes this?

  5. 10 Naridar janvier 24, 2011 à 8:37

    If you mean the BEM Part 1 III/D command addition (as in, adding :overdrive to the command list), I’ve done that. Do I need to change something in Skill overhaul, too?

  6. 11 Naridar janvier 24, 2011 à 8:40

    Never mind, figured it out (had to add :overdrive to skill overhaul command list). Still, I’d recommend adding this to the instructions, as it’s not mentioned there as far as I see.

    • 12 tambourin avril 12, 2011 à 1:53

      What exact commands did you write in Skill Overhaul do to make it work?

      I’ve been trying for hours, and I can’t get it to work.

      • 13 tambourin avril 12, 2011 à 9:00

        EDIT: Specifically: When I write ‘:overdrive’ in Skill Overhaul’s command list, the window for « Overdrive » in the Skill menu is empty (there is an empty frame where a window should be, no list no skills nothing).

      • 14 GB Production avril 18, 2011 à 7:57

        Try to place the :overdrive command at diferent poition in in Skill Overhaul’s command list (first or second position…), there is a bug, I’ll fix it later.

      • 15 tambourin avril 20, 2011 à 9:18

        @GB: That did it! Thanks a lot!

  7. 16 Zakkie février 7, 2011 à 12:21

    found a bug: Skies of Arcadia Music System still works if you’re switch it to « false » in the script 😉

  8. 17 renegat92 février 17, 2011 à 6:49

    Is it possible to add subskill in the new fonctions you scripted? Actually I’m wandering why there is not such fonctions since the first release of yem bem.

    ps: excuze me my english is not very well..

  9. 18 momo février 19, 2011 à 11:42

    There’s a glitch with the command window lock thing. If you accidentally cancel the command using the cancel button, it locks that character for the remainder of the battle unless they’re killed. Not good! 😦

  10. 19 Eggrollninja avril 9, 2011 à 3:30

    So I have a question about the row changer.

    Are enemys still able to attack actors regardless of their rows? Or do any physical attacks or skills only hit those in the front rows?

    Do any skills including physical ones hit any enemy regardless of row?

  11. 20 Alicante Airport avril 20, 2011 à 12:47

    Thank you for the work you have put into the article, it helps clear away some questions I had.

  12. 21 wsensor avril 24, 2011 à 8:20

    Just an idea. For another add-on would you be able to add in a Command Setup system for player rearrangement?

    IE: Normal battle commands: Fight Skill Defend Item Escape

    Player Personal Setup actor1: Fight Skill Item Escape Defend
    Player Personal Setup actor2: Skill Defend Item Escape Attack
    Player Personal Setup actor3: Fight Item Escape Defend Skill

    Perhaps add in the option to remove commands also so instead of normal setup you have just Fight Item Escape in the actors box.

    Another add-on is to go with the subskill setup you added.
    Automatic addition to the players possible battle command setup.

    IE: Player one equips Book of Prayers on actor1: Gets subskill Pray! (contains skills 10,11,12)

    This would automatically be added to the battle window under escape or just added to the skills menu.

    Under personal battle commands for actor 1 you could set up Fight {Pray} Escape as possible actions while leaving out Skills and Defend.

    Allows an actor to quickly get into the Pray subskill menu and removes unnecessary commands. (I almost never use defend unless I have to lol.)

  13. 22 Qu-ko avril 28, 2011 à 10:54

    I’ve been having problems with the Spin Battle System. It was working before, but it suddenly stopped, and I get this error when I go into battle with it:

    « Script ‘Window_Base’ line 158: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method `’ for nil:NilClass »

    I did some research, and this seems to indicate a problem with icons being missing or invalid or something… which is strange, because I know my icon sheet works fine with other scripts, and changing around the icons in the script to ones I know exist didn’t help.

    I’m also using it in conjunction with some of the other scripts on this blog, and it started happening after I updated the Overdrive script to 4.1 and began using the rewritten ATB script.

    Also, I’ve found that the ATB rewrite doesn’t seem to indicate which character is currently selected; the cursor just stays on the first character indefinitely, even when you’re selecting commands for a different character. So it’s impossible to tell which character is doing what.

  14. 23 GB Production avril 29, 2011 à 8:35

    I have never try the spin command with my tohers script, I am not going to update them now because I’m now developing my own cbs.

  15. 24 Momo avril 29, 2011 à 8:40

    Unfortunately, your ATB rewrite shares the same fatal flaw as Yanfly’s – If an enemy has 0 MP, the battle will freeze.

  16. 25 wsensor avril 30, 2011 à 5:21

    For the « Patch YEZ to YEM Weapon Mastery Skills »

    Can you make it so that using « Regular Attack » uses the weapons basic attack animation?

    Otherwise how it is written it says it will use skill id : x < whatever skill x is as the animation.

    #Here you must set the ID of the regular attack skill.
    #This skill is just a visual aspect, don't care about this skill damage, mana cost… You just
    #have to set the name of the skill "Regular attack", the help and the icon.
    #This skill automatically call a normal attack and don't cast any skill.

    How it is written if I set the Regular Attack to be skill 300 than any weapon mastery that I put regular attack skill in will use that animation. 0.o I don't want to attack with a sword animation when using a gun lol.

    Or am I reading it wrong?

  17. 26 Renegat92 mai 7, 2011 à 6:13

    About YEM new functions :actually skill costs cannot be applied to items….

    • 27 Renegat92 mai 7, 2011 à 7:47

      so we could create a skill which uses 2 potions for example; and it will be disabled if conditions are not met. the command could be :
      ps sorry for my english im actually a french speaking

      • 28 Renegat92 mai 20, 2011 à 9:21

        Already in yem bem just read the part III and the section about custom skill cost. (line 937 ) yanfly forgot it in part I.


        This will allow you to make a skill cost 2 of an item to use. The y value will be the database’s relative item ID value. This will check whether or not the party’s inventory has enough to use. Note that if an enemy is using this skill, no items will be consumed.

  18. 29 Renegat92 mai 8, 2011 à 1:20

    It’s me again! sorry for triple posting but the subskill addon does’nt work (:

  19. 30 Kaimi mai 24, 2011 à 8:50

    Does multi-level overdrive works similarly to FINAL FANTASY VII? Limit Breaks are assigned to certain and you must switch LB Level to access LBs from other levels, like you can on LB Lv. 3 in FFVII use Cloud’s Omnislash, or is it higher the overdrive, the more abilities are unlocked: Lv. 1: A, Lv. 2: A and B, Lv. 3:A, B and C…

  20. 31 Renegat92 mai 29, 2011 à 4:55

    Problem with YEM BEM new functions: when using CTB mode, if one player is affected by a state with the tag , the ennemiy keeps attaking him and the player keeps counter it and it goes so for at least 5 turns (or clocktick i don’t know) or until 1 of the two dies.
    Sorry for my english and I continue my tests on your scripts hoping that i’m helping you.

  21. 32 Renegat92 juin 2, 2011 à 3:51

    One bug noticed in CTB mode after that the first action end up, the icons do not appear when a state is infliged. Is there a way to fix this??

  22. 33 GB Production juin 3, 2011 à 2:26

    Sorry I don’t support my old script currently.
    I think it’s best to use this script with DTB or PTB…

  23. 34 vinilodeon juin 8, 2011 à 6:03

    how can i make a magic skill, that ignore magical reflect?

  24. 36 leech juin 9, 2011 à 1:47

    I’m using the PTB, and I have the YEZ Weapon Mastery Script + Patch (Weapon Mastery installed above BEM, Patch installed below BEM), and I haven’t been able to find any errors on my part, but for some reason on the party’s first turn (in every battle), the Attack command will function as if the YEZ Weaponry Mastery script isn’t installed. However, starting from the party’s 2nd turn onward, the Attack command now brings up the Weapon Skills Window. I was wondering if you could tell me if this is a problem in your script or if it’s an error of mine. Thank you.

  25. 38 simonsez1091 juin 10, 2011 à 3:42

    Im having a problem with the large party script. I installed it along with the KGC script and decided to use my game as well as the demo for YEM to make sure it was installed. However when I go into battle, the party change works but the windows show all the characters squished so their are four people out but the window is trying to shown 99 at the same time. I switched it down to eight and now it is only have squished:

    What am I doing wrong?

  26. 39 Rulo juin 14, 2011 à 7:38

    I have a BIG problem whith NEW FUNCTIONS 2.4

    Script: New functions

    line 1733: NoMethodError ocurred.

    undefined methot « [ ] » for nil: NilClass


  27. 40 Renegat92 juin 14, 2011 à 10:24

    Rulo try to turn off the party bgm change system at line 757

  28. 42 Jeremy_Storm juin 19, 2011 à 11:58

    I’m having a problem with the exclusion tag. When an actor is still exluded when the battle ends, they don’t get any experience. Makes a jump skill no fun to use, eh? I looked through the forum, but didn’t see anyone else mentioning it, nor a fix. I don’t know how active you still are here, but I hope you get this!

  29. 43 Renegat92 juillet 13, 2011 à 7:41

    Bonjour je sais que tu ne travaille plus sur ces scripts mais j’aimerai savoir si il y’aurait un moyen pourque l’agilité intervienne unpe plus dans les combat pour le style PTB? Je trouve que cela ne sert rien pendant le combat.

  30. 44 Leonlionheart juillet 17, 2011 à 9:16

    I’m having an issue with the Weapon Mastery Script.

    Whenever I go to Status or Skill in menu (using YEM Main Menu Overhaul) It gives me a « stack level too deep » error.

    I think it’s a compatibility issue with Blackmorning Job Changer scripts, including the job requirements script found here:
    however I’m so noob I can’t really tell.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

  31. 46 Rulo juillet 21, 2011 à 5:44

    the Exclude action wont work whit ATB

  32. 47 Dienab février 25, 2012 à 2:26

    does anyone know how to add overdrive lvl 1 lvl 2 lvl 3 on riviera mode ? I put an the skill i want But on riviera mode nothing happend ;/

  33. 48 Fireproof mars 2, 2012 à 12:34

    I have error with YEM BEM New functions 2.4:
    Line 1561 – Stack level too deep :X

  34. 49 Fireproof mars 2, 2012 à 7:20

    Fixed(noobish error :D)

  35. 50 xMaGmOtAnEtHx mai 12, 2012 à 4:53

    I have an error at with the regular scripts.

    Script ‘YEM Debug Extension’ line 202: NoMethodError occured.
    undefined method ‘undisposed_windows’ for nil:NilClass

    Then If I take that script out, this happens

    Script ‘YEM Core Fixes And Upgrades’ line 914: NoMethosError occured.
    undefined method ‘in_battle’ for nil:NilClass

    Then if i take that script out also!, this happens

    Script ‘YEM Battle Engine Melody IV’ line 4130: NoMethodError occured.
    undefined method ‘in_battle’ for nil:NilClass

    And of course I cannot take that script out, for it takes me to another error.
    I am not sure what the error is. I think its the Main Process or something else please help! I really need help and really want to try out these scripts!!!
    Thank you!

  36. 52 James Ruglia novembre 16, 2013 à 5:02

    Thank you very much for this script!

    I have two questions, if anyone is able to answer them:

    #1. This script crashes my game whenever I try to open the main menu, unless I start a new game after having put the script in. That is, I can’t open the menu or begin battle in save files created before putting the script in. Is there a way to « initialize » it like it does when a new game is begun? Or must anyone playing my game begin anew if I put this script in it?

    #2. After battle, the player characters’ sprites revert to their default as set in the « Actors » tab of the database. I’ve looked around for some obvious way to disable this, but I can’t find any such. Can it be done?

    • 53 James Ruglia novembre 18, 2013 à 12:23

      Sorry for the bother. If anyone else has this same desire, look at line 2359, where it’s setting the actor sprite to its original state.
      self.character_name = self.original_character_name
      Instead of « self.original_character_name », use the intuitively named function « self.character_name » instead.
      Do the same at about line 2355.

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