Patch YEM Subclassia

Patch YEM Subclassia v1.3

Last Date Updated: 09/01/2010

By : GB Production

Demo :

Patch YEM Subclassia v1.3


Information :

Official script presentation

5 Responses to “Patch YEM Subclassia”

  1. 1 bsides avril 8, 2011 à 10:56

    Hi guys, thanks for the script. Could you please upload the SUBCLASIA script you based yourselves into? I can’t get this to work, there are a lot of errors rolling and I can’t select the class of the chars anymore.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. 2 Alex Clark août 12, 2011 à 9:56


    been trying to use this script but when I try to import it into my game it just comes as a long line of code? Anyway to fix that? Thanks in advance.

  3. 3 GB Production août 13, 2011 à 12:54

    It’s a patch, read « Instruction and compatibility » section.

  4. 4 Alex Clark août 14, 2011 à 9:47

    I still don’t understand, sorry for my very stupid questions. But with all of your other scripts I have just been able to copy the notepad document that you can view from your website, and paste that into a blank section in the Script Editor where it needs to go. What’s the difference? Do I have to past this into a Script I already have? In the section, it just told me that I need to place this script under YEM Skill Overhaul and YERB Subclass, which I already know to do.

    Apologies for my stupid question, but can you please explain this? Thanks in advance.

  5. 5 doomed2die décembre 10, 2011 à 8:06

    Hey, right now, all I have is the YEM scripts minus a couple:

    YEM Skill Equip
    YEM Skill Fusion
    YEM Enemy Levels
    YEM Extended Movement
    YEM Controlled Encounter Rates
    YEM Debug Menu Extension
    YEM Iconview Melody
    YEM Party Influenced Music
    YEM Snapshot Battle Back
    YEM Swap Random Monster
    YEM Skill Level System

    But when I run the game and try to open the skill window, I get an Error:

    « Window_Base » line 158: No Method Error

    I tried commenting out The subclass system and it worked. I tried commenting out the Skill Overhaul script, and it worked. I don’t know what’s going on…

    I would really appreciate some help, please! Thank you in advance.

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