Disgaea Weapons Affinities

Disgaea Weapons Affinities v1.3

Last Date Updated: 19/12/2010

By : GB Production

Demo :

Disgaea Weapons Affinities v1.3

Disgaea Demo


Information :

official script presentation

11 Responses to “Disgaea Weapons Affinities”

  1. 1 Greenhorn novembre 14, 2010 à 8:05

    Greetings, How do you show the weapon masteries on the status page without the Disgaea status script? I don’t know how to turn off the master/student status in it

  2. 2 GB Production novembre 15, 2010 à 9:13

    Actually, you can’t do that but I think I can do an update.
    Which menu status script do you use ?

  3. 3 badenglish novembre 15, 2010 à 11:28

    sorry,can you make item prefix/suffix system Compatilble YEM

  4. 4 GB Production novembre 16, 2010 à 9:12

    badenglish => I don’t understand what do you want, what do you call item prefix/suffix ?

  5. 6 Greenhorn novembre 16, 2010 à 11:54

    I use the YEM status menu melody script.

  6. 7 GB Production novembre 19, 2010 à 2:27

    This script has been updated to v1.2 for YEM status compatibility.
    (Details are inside the script).

  7. 8 Greenhorn novembre 20, 2010 à 4:37

    When i press Z to enter the general section in the status menu i get this error

  8. 9 GB Production novembre 20, 2010 à 11:39

    Oh yes it’s because you use only this script of the disgaea script series. I have fix this bug, say me if you have another problem!

  9. 10 Greenhorn novembre 21, 2010 à 12:35

    Indeed, I can get to the status menu now. But there’s other bugs I’ve found i think

    1.) Affinity randomly goes up , I don’t really know how it happens. Initially i set a certain weapons Rank to C. Starts game and level it to test out dmg bonuses and when i go to the status screen. the affinity gone up to B or A.

    2.) I get this error when i go to the Equip menu -> Helm-> press Z to confirm


    I didn’t put any tags for equipments yet and i use YEM equip overhaul.

    • 11 GB Production décembre 19, 2010 à 8:46

      1) Read the informations section of the script for more information about that, I have add an option in the module configuration.

      2) Thanks for reporting the equip armor bug (you go in the thanks of the script).

      You can try this new version 1.3

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