Disgaea Skill Level System

Disgaea Skill Level System v2.2 Final

Last Date Updated: 13/11/2010

By : GB Production

Demo :

Disgaea Skill Level System V2.2

Disgaea demo


Information :

official script presentation


Archive :

v1.1 is the skill level system without the passive skill level system (this version is not updated, be careful)

Disgaea Skill Level System V1.1

12 Responses to “Disgaea Skill Level System”

  1. 1 mitsubya novembre 11, 2010 à 10:41

    Hi, mitsubya from rpgmakervx.net
    I can’t access the forums at the moment and I had to tell you some problems I’ve encountered:
    In the skills note tag this is what i inputted

    <– for testing

    <— problem here if there is no %, when the skill levels there is no change for the skill.

    <—This also doesn't work without the %

    <—-May not be a bug,but just to check with you, doesn't unlock 2 skills and only unlocks the bottom one.

  2. 2 mitsubya novembre 11, 2010 à 10:43

    Sorry for double comment but the tag didn’t show:

    max_level: 2
    base_exp: 1 <– for testing

    cost_change: +1

    change_base_damage: +20% <— problem here if there is no %, when the skill levels there is no change for the skill.

    change_spi_f: +10 <—This also doesn't work without the %

    unlock_skill34: 2
    unlock_skill35: 2 <—-May not be a bug,but just to check with you, doesn't unlock 2 skills and only unlocks the bottom one.

  3. 3 GB Production novembre 12, 2010 à 11:31

    Hmm thanks for reporting that!
    I’ll fix these problems this afternoon.
    I’ll update the unlock skill part too.

  4. 4 richter_h novembre 15, 2010 à 2:52

    hi. this inspiring me for my recent script i made with my friend.
    the level system rocks! but can i have some tweak for this script of your?
    coz i have ‘Skill Description’ script that display additional info about actor’s skill. unfortuantely, reading your how-to in the script and learning your script’s structure makes it impossible to combine.

    would you explain how to make a skill level ONLY script?
    (just skill level, without additional window right of the skill window at Scene_Skill)

    thanks before and after, pardon me if it’s so much question for you.

    Rian (richter_h at rpgmakervx.net)

  5. 5 GB Production novembre 15, 2010 à 9:22

    I don’t really understand your questions and the features of the script you have made with your friend.

    You can check in the section RPG::Skill of the script to see the new method and instance for skills (def level_up, exp…).
    And be careful because the script change the ID of skills.

  6. 6 richter_h novembre 15, 2010 à 9:38

    sorry for concerning before….

    but i’ll try it. thanks for suggestion.

  7. 7 Naridar janvier 29, 2011 à 10:05

    Hi, can I ask for a feature: if you reach skill lvl. X for a skill, you unlock skill Y for buying through JP?

    As in, if you reach lv. 5 for Fire, you can now buy Fira through the « Learn skill » option.

  8. 8 Adil mars 17, 2011 à 3:13

    Is it possible to remove the effects on the skills screen (e.g the spi force, mana cost etc) cause Im using it in conjunction to other scripts such that it affects mana consumption and allows agi and def to be used for attack; this doesnt show so is it possible for me to remove the screen?

  9. 9 Znikomek mai 3, 2011 à 3:00

    <– When cost reach under 0MP, mana is regenerating by use skill.
    I think the non integer value will be better such 0.5MP. This rise cost after 2lv by 1MP. I think it's good idea.

    • 10 Znikomek mai 3, 2011 à 3:28

      I mean this -> cost_change: -x,
      additional when i spent my class exp it lv back to 1,
      Other: the skill info will be more usefull when in have scroll. Sometimes I have too many tags and don’t show all of them

  10. 11 semeth septembre 22, 2013 à 12:01

    hi… i have some problems regarding compatibility with tomoaky’s srpg system…
    my main problem would be that the battle sstem i’m using isn’t actually using skills like in the default battle sstem.. and therefor they are used like dummy skills in order to simulate skill usage… my question is based on exp gaining… how is it possible for skills to gain exp outside of battle… eventually via an event…
    but if the skill system would be compatible with tomoaky’s… that would be even greater…

    i’m using mobile internet cause i live in a remote village with no conectivity whatsoever… and if my question wasn’t clear and pretty much infoless… please tell me where is the best place to ask the question and what do i need to present from within the script in order to be a valid question?

    thanks in advance

  11. 12 keyofspeed février 1, 2014 à 6:15

    the download link for the demo doesn’t work anymore 😦

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