DarkCloud ADD-ON’s Demo

DarkCloud Demo

Last Date Updated : 22/10/2010

By : GB Production


DarkCloud Add-on’s Demo


This demo include :

All YEM Scripts

Original DarkCloud weapon script

GB Prod : Dark Cloud weapons ADD-ON

GB Prod : DarkCloud armors

GB Prod : DarkCloud skill




4 Responses to “DarkCloud ADD-ON’s Demo”

  1. 1 mxland avril 12, 2011 à 7:32

    Hello, may I ask you these systems with Sideview Battle System Configurations (English Translation v2.4) ATB Ver1.1d compatible? Because you have configured the system that I do not like fighting

  2. 2 darkt6 avril 27, 2011 à 11:33

    I have been trying to figure out why I am not able to use the « Build-Up » menu in the game. When I select it, you can see the choices of synth, build, break. In the demo all works fine, but when I add my own game to the file the menu is not accessible, you cannot select any of the three even if you have for example 10 attack spheres.

    Hope that explains it. Please let me know how to fix this.


    EDIT: I have figured out, it is when you change the player start menu, is there a way around that?

  3. 3 Naridar juin 1, 2011 à 5:49

    Hi! Can I post this package on RPG Revolution not directly, but by linking to this page and with due credits of course?

    BTW, it’s a very useful script collection.

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